Congregational Disaster Readiness

Mission: To expedite relief and recovery in communities impacted by a disaster.

Vision: A Comprehensive, Collaborative and Coherent (3C’s) action plan for congregations to effectively deliver essential relief and recovery services during and after a disaster, in partnership with and in support of responsible agencies.

Rationale: The most powerful predictor of success in disaster response is communication and coordination.  A coordinated delivery of relief and recovery services prevents redundancy, saves money, minimizes disruption of services and improves outcomes.

Strategy: Identify, recruit, organize, train, and mobilize congregations to respond in an integrated and cooperative manner during disasters.

Create shareable standards, best practices, and establish centralized communication.Coordinate and deploy relief and recovery efforts. 

Generate a single umbrella group which will integrate and coordinate the efforts of all congregations within an area and ensure that these plans are: 

  • Inclusive of the needs of all stakeholders (survivors and service partners).
  • Integrated with, and supported by, the responsible official relief organizations.


  • Enhanced community resilience
  • Improved quality, consistency and coverage of services
  • Expedited relief and recovery for families and neighborhoods
  • Development of leaders and of trained volunteers within congregations
  • Decreased service cost by eliminating redundant services 
  • Increased community engagement and situational awareness
  • Financial sustainability for local disaster relief and recovery groups
  • More assessable support services for congregations and the community


Community needs assessment | Stakeholder engagement | Faith Based, Public, Private, and Not-for-Profit | Plan development, integration, and mapping | Deployment | Capability and capacity improvement | Training | Workforce (volunteer) engagement and retention   

Scope: Coordination of the relief and recovery efforts of congregations, including:

Drone Force / Damage Assessment  

Trained drone operators will assist county officials with real time situational awareness, providing images from which damage assessments can be made.

Sheltering - Dennis Hayes 

Short and long-term Red Cross sheltering and/or ride-out sheltering.

Compassionate Care / PreDCM - Cathy Beasley

Trained caregivers provide emotional and spiritual care to survivors, serving as a listening ear, a calming presence, and laying the groundwork for Disaster Case Management, initiating documentation and reporting.

Laundry - Chris Hall

Supporting shelters by helping survivors wash their clothes.

Muck & Gut - Trevor Barnett, Chris Hall

Removing damaged contents and sanitizing the home, according to standards.

Volunteer Coordination  - John Locke

Connecting volunteers with opportunities for service.

Pets  - Chris Hubert

Help families to care for their pets (dogs and cats), providing kennels and food, while they are staying in a shelter.

Communication Task-force - Gary Flaharty

Creating a multi-level, two-way communication platform to address a diversity of communication needs for alerting, recruiting, deploying and demobilizing response.

Supplies Distribution Center (supplying congregations)

Regional warehouse to supply congregations serving as a donation distribution centers.

Donations Distribution Center (supplying survivors)

Distribute essential supplies to survivors and maintaining a database of all survivors for follow-up.

Chainsaw / Clean Up

Cutting up fallen trees and disposing of debris.

Medical Support

Assist with non-emergency assistance, such as picking up prescriptions or driving survivors to doctors’ office.


Transporting rescued survivors from staging area to shelters, via people movers. 


As we move forward with readiness, your participation is important. Please, register to be a part of CDR by filling-out the Congregational Contact and Participation Form.

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 Interfaith Ministries and Volunteer Houston  I  The American Red Cross

The Salvation Army I Catholic Charities  I  Texas Annual Conference - UMC

Union Baptist Association  I  Presbytery of New Covenant  I  Texas Gulf Coast VOAD South Central Conference - UCC  I  SBP  I  Center for Disaster Philanthropy